Saturday, April 9, 2011

Angry Birds at Logo's 2011 New Now Next Awards #NNNAWARDS

Hostess with the Mostest: James Van Diva Beek!!
Through a somewhat crazy random happenstance, we were asked to attend Logo's 2011 New Now Next Awards in Hollywood! Logo is basically MTV's gay brother (or sister). The New Now Next Awards is Logo's annual salute to pop culture and reality TV. Check out their site!

Yellow Bird giving Adam Lambert side-eye.

Angry Birds was nominated for the "Best New Indulgence" category, but the developers (Rovio) were too busy making amazing new content for their games to attend or send anyone in costume, so they suggested Logo contact us! Just to be clear, we don't represent Rovio. We're just big *BIG* fans of the game and we made these costumes last Halloween to wear out to the West Hollywood Parade. We sent the pictures to Rovio, and apparently they liked them enough to recommend us to Logo! How awesome is that?!?? We were invited to attend only a few days before the taping of the show, so we cleared our schedules for a weekend and made some new costumes (since we sold our originals), luckily they came out even better than the first!
Red carpet!

The folks over at Logo know how to throw a great awards show. The host, James Van Der Beek is hilarious and the performances from Oh Land, Robyn, Wynter Gordon, and Panic at the Disco were amazing. I don't want to spoil anything, but hopefully you'll see us on camera during the show!  After the taping we took off the costumes, attempted to wash the makeup from our faces, threw on some angry birds t-shirts (so people would know who we were), and went to the after party to rub elbows with all the celebrities.  Thanks to the amazing staff at Logo and Dempsey Productions for inviting us out!

Make sure to tune in to Logo to watch the 2011 New Now Next Awards Monday April 11 at 10PM.
Check us out at 1:35!!

Aubrey O'Day

Stacey Lane (Bryant) Matthews (Rupaul's Drag Race)

Tyra Sanchez! (RuPaul's Drag Race)

It has recently come to my attention that I love Chloe!

Sassy Gay Friend and a couple of Stupid Bitches!

Everyone's favorite blogger-- Michelle Collins! She drunkenly promised us she would get ordained and officiate our future wedding. I'm totally holding her to that!

That's SO Raven (Ru Paul's Drag Race)

Watch the whole show here! We make our first appearance around the 7:15 mark!

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